alana the peoples choiceAlana Jordan is the voice of Sophia, the ultra-dedicated rigid perfectionist in the Flight Director's seat at Mission Control.

In real life Alana is one of those multi-hyphenates: actor-writer-director-comedian and did we mention voice talent? Perhaps that one's obvious. But she sings, she dances, and she cosplays like nobody else. People at conventions like Comic-Con speak of her in awed voices: "Did you see that lady who came as _______ and how she rocked the _______?"

Somewhere in the midst of all this, she has found time to appear in a variety of films, including the webseries pilot HERLOCK, in which countless fans fell in love with her as the "Dr. Watson" character Jonny Watts.

Warning: do not engage Alana Jordan in a battle of nerd trivia unless you enjoy losing. Her deep knowledge of all geeky things is frequently on display in her role as one of the hosts on the internet-TV channel Afterbuzz TV, where she frequently appears in spectacular makeup and/or an astonishing variety of wigs.

RamonaShe lives in Hollwood, right where she belongs, in the company of Ramona, the world's most beautiful cat, who is a film star in her own right.

And here she is interviewing Stan Lee. While dressed as Elvira, naturally. Excelsior!

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