Lee in "War of the Worlds"Lee Shackleford is the voice of Christopher, the hapless flight surgeon on a runaway spaceship millions of kilometers from Earth.

Lee also dreamed up this whole "Relativity podcast" thing and is the head writer. And this makes sense, because he's a writer for stage, screen, and radio, with more than 150 produced shows to his credit. He's written for every kind of venue from local stages to off-Broadway to syndicated radio drama to stories for Star Trek: the Next Generation.  He's best-known for his play Holmes & Watson, in which he appeared off-Broadway in the role of Holmes, and his adaptation of Karel Capek's R.U.R., which ran off-Broadway in 2013.

He apparently enjoys being in front of a microphone. He teaches screenwriting and playwriting online so he records plenty of voice-overs for his lecture videos. He is also a frequent co-host on the podcasts Doctor Who: Podshock and Discussing Who. And he has staged several live re-creations of the notorious "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast.

The Golden Age of Radio was ending just about the time Lee was born, so he's always felt he was born into the wrong era. He survives on a diet of recordings from those days, especially Gunsmoke, X Minus One, and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. Writing and producing a science-fiction radio serial has been a lifelong dream.

Lee Eric Shackleford at the mic

Here's a little bit of Lee's work as a voice actor, on the radio soap opera Bodylove. Here he plays a New York cop in charge of monitoring a woman who's "wearing a wire."

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