I want to give credit where it's due to two artists whose works are heard on this serial.

One of these contributes to the community of audio designers under the name "lunarthepunar." And without him (her?) we would not have our theme music. It was posted to as "Tension Building Intro." Which was exactly what I was looking for. Give it a listen.

The other is Félix Blume and his contribution to the show -- thanks to -- is heard starting in Episode 6. I don't want to spoil it in case you haven't heard Episode 6 yet, but let's say it's the sound of a particular real-world audio landscape. Monsieur Blume recorded these wonderful sounds in the wild, and for our purposes they are absolutely perfect. So we thank you, Félix -- Relativity would not be the same without this audio file. I encourage everyone to explore all of his works, on his wonderful web site which is called (naturally)

-- Lee Shackleford

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